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Xanax 1 Mg Tablet is a prescription medicine that is use to treat anxiety disorders and panic attacks. It gives relief against symptoms such as flushing, restlessness, shortness of breath. It also gives relief in case of palpitations, trembling and insomnia.



Xanax 1 Mg tablet treats anxiety disorders

Xanax 1 Mg tablet may lead to drug dependency or addiction. It can cause withdrawal symptoms. Some of the occurrence may be life threatening or related to seizures. The risk of dependence increases if you take higher dosage or take the drug for longer duration of time. If you suffer from pre existing depression or suffer from suicidal thoughts and depression it can make your condition worse. Xanax 1 MG (Alprazolam) oral tablet comes as a prescription drug that is available with brand name Xanax or Xanax XR. It is an extended release drug that gets released slowly into blood stream over time. The drug is use to manage anxiety disorders or panic disorder.

Why Xanax 1 Mg tablet is used?

The drug is use to manage anxiety disorders or panic disorders. It is use for short term relief symptoms with anxiety or anxiety linked with depression, anxiety or tension. The drug maybe use as part of combination therapy. The drug belongs to a class of drug that contains Benzodiazepines. It comes as a class of drugs that treats similar conditions. In case you missed any dose take the drug immediately as you remember but do not take two drugs at once.

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