Causes of Anxiety, Symptoms and Tips to Prevent them

Causes of anxiety are many but before getting into its details one should what is anxiety and its symptoms. It will let you understand with ease about the various factors that may lead to anxiety. Anxiety is describe as “feeling of nervousness, feeling of worry and uneasiness about something with uncertain outcome.“ It is consider as a disorder with the anxiety which interferes with daily activities.

Types of anxiety disorders are:

  • Generalized anxiety disorders is about excessive worry and stress that may happen due to variety of topics.
  • Panic disorder may happen due to sudden and intense episodes of fears that may include pounding of heart, shortness of breath and sweating.
  • Social anxiety disorder may happen due to extreme self-consciousness and also with fear of judgement in certain social situations.
  • Specific phobias or intense fears with specific objects or situations.

Some of the medication that help fight stress, anxiety are Alko and  Ativan 2MG (Lorazepam)

What are the main causes of anxiety?

The main causes of anxiety are depression, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Any health diagnosis may lead to anxiety. A cancer diagnosis which maybe anxiety provoking. Even if you are not the one who may find the symptoms it may happen due to other person disorders. Thinking about his or her well-being can make you feel depress.

Some of the medications can cause or worsen the anxiety. It includes:

  • Birth control pills
  • Blood pressure medications
  • Cold medicines
  • Heart medications
  • Corticosteroids
  • Thyroid medications
  • Asthma inhalers

These medications work to increase with the anxiety levels and also increase the blood pressure and heart rate. If any of the medication might cause anxiety you should talk to the Doctor. Medications are involve with 25 to 30 percent of all the cases of anxiety.

Stressful life events: With the cause of anxiety stressful life events come as major trigger. It may include:

  • Job losses or cases of divorce
  • Death of loved ones or near ones
  • Moving to new home and many other such cases

Skipping meals: Taking care of the food timing and having balance diet without skipping meals take cares of anxiety symptoms. It helps to prevent anxiety in the long run. Skipping meals may also lead to weight gain which is one of the major cause of anxiety. Clonazepam 2Mg (Klonopin) and Modafinil 100 MG Tablet

Sleep deprivation: Taking good sleep is necessary to counter stress. Not getting enough sleep leads to all problems that includes anxiety. With your body under stress it may trigger the flight-or-flight response. It can cause symptoms like:

  • Heart racing
  • Rapid breathing
  • Trembling
  • Sweating
  • Feeling tired or weak

Caffeine: Most of the people are aware that caffeine is stimulant. And it may lead to an energy boost, it may also lead to feelings of jitteriness and anxiety. It may also interfere with sleep, it can lead to anxiety next day.

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Low sexual Desire Leads to Less Sex

Every time a woman or man listens “not now darling” sexual desires it gives them feeling of utter disappointment and failure in relationship. The wish to have sex on daily basis is what the person thinks about. The low libido and less sexual desire in women lets the person feels astray and get into multiple relationship. There are multiple reasons which leads to have low sexual desire.

Here are some of the important aspect of low sexual desire:

Ejaculatory disorder: Premature ejaculation is the worst form of sexual symptoms. It does not allow the male to enjoy with sex and thus does not give him enough opportunity to have best of the sex. The sexual issue with low sexual desire is one of the prominent cases of male sexual dysfunction. The issue related to sexual problems are many and can be found which leads to weak erection. The weak erection gives less minute of sex and creates numerous issues related to sexual dysfunction. Cenforce 100 mg tablet

Unhealthy food choices: Many of the people who do not take food on time and have irregular food consumption style also faces issues of less libido. A man if he has breakfast, lunch and dinner on times with healthy food habit that includes better vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates in the food lets you enjoy with better erection. Such person does not have to think twice while performing on bed. The consumption of milk, butter, egg and meat or cheese gives better hours of sexual performance. Also, with the use of protein in the meals makes it easy to enjoy good sexual hours. Thus, it gives better sexual performance with better food habits. Cenforce 150 mg tablet

Male sexual dysfunction: With the male who does not get enough erection leads to low sexual desire. The male find it difficult to satisfy the sexual partner and gives enough opportunity to enjoy with better sexual habits. With a little bit of exercising, cycling or walking for long duration gives better sexual performance. With regular exercise or sports habits one can find it easy to enjoy with best of the sexual performance. It gives enough energy during sex and increase your libido with better sexual enjoyment.

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