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Cenforce 50, 100 Mg Tablet Resolves Erectile Dysfunction

Cenforce 50, 100 Mg tablet is a prescription medicine that cures erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation for men. These two symptoms are the main cause for men impotency. The men when does not get enough harder erection during intercourse time period losses confidence in front of his sexual partner. This issue also leads to mental disorder and becomes a major concern. It is necessary to consult the Doctor or sex therapist with such an issue. Cenforce 50, 100 Mg tablet helps solve erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation with ease. It helps with increasing blood flow in the penis area and thus helps in maintaining better erection.

Cenforce 50, 100 Mg tablet has Sildenafil as an active component

Cenforce 50, 100 Mg tablet has active component as Sildenafil Citrate. This is one of the most common component to remove issues related to erectile dysfunction. It is also one of the major component of Viagra which makes it one of the most potent component. Cenforce 50 Mg Tablet works on the arterial supply of the sexual organ within the pelvic region of the human body. The chemical compound works by inhibiting the action of Phosphodiesterase Type 5. It also cause the widening of arteries that supply the penis and blood flow towards the penis to increase. It helps in having prolonged erectile stimulation with sexual activity. The drug comes in action after half an hour of ingestion and it reaches maximum time within first hour and continue till 4 hours.

How to consume Cenforce 50, 100?

You can consume Cenforce 100 Mg Tablet as it gives long lasting experience and gives 30 to 60 minutes of sexual activity. The tablet works best on empty stomach as you can consume high fat meal before sexual activity. You can also avoid the tablet if you have blood pressure or with alpha-blockers also. The heart or stroke patient cannot take this tablet. You should not drink grapefruit juice while taking Cenforce 50, 100 dosage as because it increase blood levels within your system.

Side effects of Cenforce 50, 100 pills

Some of the side effects related to Cenforce 50, 100 pills are Dizziness, Dyspepsia, Flushing, Headache, Nausea and Blurred vision. The symptoms of overdose are vomiting, swelling of optic nerve, damage to optic nerve. It may also lead to increase heartbeat, blurred or distorted vision.

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Fildena 50 mg Tablet or Fildena Super Active Treats Erectile Dysfunction

Fildena 50 Mg tablet or Fildena super active is a prescription medicine that treats erectile dysfunction in men by increasing blood flow to penis giving erection. It helps men to get an erection that is sustainable and works long. The tablet belongs to a group of medicines known as Phosphodiestearse type 5 or PDE5 inhibitors. Fildena 50 mg tablet may be taken on empty stomach or also with a meal. The tablet should be taken only with the Doctor’s prescription. Although, the medicine gives you erection with sexual stimulation. You should not take the medicine if you do not have erectile dysfunction. Only 1 tablet has to be taken in a day.

 Benefits of Fildena 50 Mg tablet or Fildena Super active

The treatment of erectile dysfunction is by a group of medicines called PDE5 inhibitors. It works by relaxing with the blood vessels to the penis. It allows the blood to flow into the penis and gives an erection with good sexual arousal. The medicine only helps to get an erection which gives maximum sexual satisfaction. It is effective as it needs to be taken only 30 minutes before the sex. You should not take the medicine if you take medicines with nitrates which is given for chest pain.

What is Fildena Super active or Fildena 50 Mg tablets?

There are huge number of people who suffer from erectile dysfunction. It comes with offering desire solution within the society. The men not only suffer from physical incapability but social embarrassment and stigma gets attach with the people who suffer from it. Sildenafil comes as one of the prominent component that gives best of the erection and makes it easy to enjoy better sex. The drug has gain popularity in the market that treats erectile dysfunction. It increase cGMP in the pelvic region and the arteries supply the penis with enough blood to enjoy better sexual stimulation.

Side effects of Fildena Super active or Fildena 50 Mg tablets

The various side effects related to Fildena Super active tablet or Fildena 50 Mg tablets are flushing, headache, stiffness, nosebleeds. It may also lead to blurred vision, indigestion, muscle pain, upset stomach and rashes.

How to use Fildena Super active or Fildena 50 mg tablets?

Take the tablet with full glass water, swallow it as whole but do not crush or chew it.

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